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Microsoft-Teams-for-PC-Windows-MacMicrosoft has been in our lives for more than forty years. We all grew up with the different ones Microsoft tools Microsoft has influenced the lives of school children and has been an important part of all offices around the world. Almost every office in the world uses the software provided by Microsoft.

The world has changed a lot in the last 20 years. So many new technologies and services have come into the world we live in. The way of doing business and managing the offices has fundamentally changed.

Communication between teams and transferring files from one end to the other through a single platform is the most important requirement of the offices. That’s why Microsoft developed its new software teams. It is great software that does and manage office tasks in a highly efficient manner. Let’s go ahead and learn more about this great software.

What are Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams app screenshots

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based tool that enables remote and global teams to collaborate and share data on a common platform. Teams is full-fledged software that is integrated with several others Microsoft Office Services like SharePoint, Skype, Exchange and Yammer.

The basics of the software are based on two crucial parameters:

Chat: It offers easy communication for teams that are in different locations. For this purpose, the Skype software is used, through which you can have chats, one-on-one or video calls or group conferences.

Hub: One of the primary purposes in building Microsoft teams was to create a common platform for all of your software needs. Teams give you access to multiple applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Planner, SharePoint and Power BI on a single platform.

Advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft teams

While Teams is one of the most efficient software for any office need, there are still some drawbacks associated with it. So let’s examine the various pros and cons of using it.


This is the main benefit of using the Microsoft Teams app. You get all applications on a single disk. If you need to speak or chat with someone on the team, you can do so seamlessly while you work on the files.

  • No additional costs for Microsoft users

Microsoft has taken great advantage of the fact that the software is made available free of charge to all companies that want to use the software, provided they have a Microsoft 365 license. All other software products charge high fees for their services.

Microsoft Teams can save you a ton of money with these tools. If you do not have the Microsoft 365 license, you can download the free version of Teams and use its functions.

  • Adding third party software

Microsoft really designed this software to meet the needs and demands of office workers. No other company grants the right to add third-party applications to their software. However, Microsoft Teams integrate other applications into the framework and make them easy to use. Google Drive and Dropbox are the two most commonly added apps in Microsoft teams.

  • Better options for file search and backup

Microsoft teams provide various tabs in the software called channels that have their own file storage capacity. The File tab option available in the software makes it easy for the user to browse the files by their names and not toggle everywhere they are searched for.

Microsoft Teams also have a feature that saves all deleted files on a SharePoint site. If an important file is misplaced, you can easily get it back through this portal.

There are various bots in the software that can perform repetitive, regular tasks and save time. You can also use this fantastic software to create your own bot and assign it a special task.


The biggest challenge for users of Microsoft Teams is that there are too many similar usage applications. People often get confused about which app to use for a given task.

  • Unnecessary memory consumption

The software doesn’t limit you to a certain number when creating the team. As a result, there are many unnecessary teams that consume more storage space. If the administrator updates the permissions, the unnecessary team creation can be controlled.

A big problem with Microsoft Teams software is that you can create it and not notify you when a new team is created under a previously saved name. This creates confusion about files and resources later.

The number of channels in the software is limited to 30 private and 200 public channels per team. While this isn’t a problem for smaller businesses, the condition can be problematic for large workplaces.

Download and install Microsoft Teams

There are several methods and techniques for downloading the Microsoft Teams onto your PC.

You can go either Microsoft Store On the Start menu, click Microsoft Teams in the search bar. You will be given an option to add to your PC that will start the download process for you.

Another way to download the software is to use your internet browser to download it from the Microsoft website. Or just google, Download Microsoft Teamsand you will be given a link to the Microsoft official website to download it from.

Installation process

  1. After downloading the software, follow these steps to successfully install the software on your PC:
  2. Double click on the downloaded file.
  3. You will be asked for permissions and the location where you want to install it.
  4. Click the next tab and your software will be installed in minutes.
  5. The first time you open it, you’ll be asked for your Office 365 credentials.
  6. After entering the login information, you will successfully log in as a registered user and use the software as you wish.


Things to know about using Microsoft Teams

After downloading and installing the software, it’s time to start using it. Although the functions and features of the software will become more transparent to you once you start using it regularly. Some important components that you need to know before using this software.

Microsoft Teams interface


The main role of this software is to create teams that can collaborate and chat for work purposes. Building a team is easy. Either create a team from scratch and add the users. Or create a team from your existing Microsoft 365 group.


Channels are referred to in the software as a location where you can chat, hold conference calls, hold meetings, and add files. You can chat with various team members via channels. You can create multiple channels for different tasks in the software.


Tabs are similar to the tabs on your Internet browser. You can use them to navigate through the contents of the various channels. By default, the software comes with three tabs: Posts, Files, and Wiki. You can use posts to record your conversations on the channel. The Files tab stores all of your files and data. The Wiki tab is used as a text editor for editing, chatting and drawing the text. You can add additional tabs to the software.

If you use these three options and spend a little time with the software, it won’t take much time to effortlessly familiarize yourself with how to use the software.

Alternatives for Microsoft teams

However, Microsoft Teams in and of itself is wonderful software that allows you to perform multiple tasks together on a single platform. However, if you still want to try some other similar software to compare or use. Then take a look at the software below, which are alternatives for Microsoft Teams.

  • Relaxed
  • Hey space
  • Zoho Connect
  • wire
  • Winio
  • Workplace

Wrap up

Microsoft Teams is an extraordinary software with numerous functions that is ideal for use in small and large companies. It increases overall productivity through its many convenient tools and applications. Communication and data transfer become extremely easy and the software acts as a community to meet the needs of all employees. Therefore, Microsoft Teams is a must for every company.

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