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Booyah app downloadStreaming a live game is one of the most fun things to do on the internet. Fortunately, there are so many games that you can stream, but the question would be; Which app do you use to stream games? Well, the Booyah app is one of the many live streaming apps out there. The app was launched by Garena International in March 2020.

The game manufacturer developed the Booyah app for iOS and Android devices. In this article today, you will learn more about the Booyah app’s online streaming app.

What is the Booyah app and how do you use it?

The Booyah app allows you to watch short game videos made by users. The app contains many short game videos for you to watch. These videos are created by Booyah app users. You too can create these videos by capturing your most precious gaming moments and sharing them with your friends and family.

The app is only compatible with iOS and Android devices. However, you can download the app to your PC using an Android emulator. You can download the app for your Android device from the Google Play Store and the AppStore for iOS devices.

In addition to other game videos, you can also broadcast live streams to major live streaming platforms. The app can be downloaded for free on your Android or iOS mobile phone. Once downloaded, you can sign in to the app with a Google account, Facebook account, or line. Once you are signed in to your account, you will be able to live stream your favorite games. You can also watch other funny short videos in the app.

How do you stream on Booyah? If you want to stream on Booyah, you will need to download the app on your device and sign in to the app. You can then click the ‘+’ button to start streaming. You can then connect to one of your streaming accounts so that you can stream using the Booyah app at the same time.

Features of the Booyah app

Booyah app screenshots

The app has a wide variety of features designed to give the user a premium experience. Below are some features that worked well and may work wonderfully for you.

Short gaming video clips – Browse the Booyah app home page to watch short videos shared by the Booyah community. You can also capture your fun gaming moments and share them with the community for others to see.

Stream games using other streaming platforms – The Booyah app allows you to stream your favorite games on Booyah and connect to other streaming platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Booyah allows you to chat with your viewers on the platform.

Highlights – If you are worried about what to share, don’t worry, Booyah will highlight some fun moments that you’ve played and you can choose which highlights to share with the rest of the community. Highlights include some of the most intense moments in the game, and sometimes the parts with the most intense emotions. No need to capture your best gaming moments, Booyah will capture them for you.

Instructions for downloading the Booyah app

Garena developed and launched the app for both Android and iPhone users. This means that you can download the app from the Google Play Store and the AppStore. So for Android users, all you have to do is download the app from Google Play Store or from Appstore.

Once downloaded, you can sign in with your Line Account, Google Account, and Facebook Account. The platform is also available for the PC. You can live stream directly on the website on your PC. You only have to Visit the official website and choose what kind of short videos you want to watch.

Booyah channels

When you sign in or sign in with a Facebook or Google account, Booyah will automatically set up your Booyah channel. The channel includes the videos you’ve shared and the likes they received. The channel has highlights too and you can choose the highlights that you want to share on your channel.

When you start the live stream, your followers will be notified of the live stream event and can join you. The channel page also shows you the recommended streams to join. The channel also has stars that include the most watched, the community darlings, the emerging stars, the most popular, and the swag kings. These contain the channels that are most loved and most viewed.

This page is where you can choose who to follow and you will be notified when they stream or when they share some of their fun gaming moments on the platform.


The Booyah app is one of the best streaming apps for game lovers who love to stream what they are playing. Fortunately, the app is very free and anyone can download it and use it to stream and share their best moments with the world. The platform is also the best platform to demonstrate your gaming skills.

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