Download Guarding Expert for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac) [Download]

Download-Guarding-Expert-for-PC-Windows-7-8-10-and-MacThe past decade has seen constant change and innovation in the world of technology. These innovations have led to smart home technology and the ability to use different ones Apps to remotely view your home cameras stay vigilant while you are away. Apps are no longer just for phones or tablets. When you download a mobile platform emulator, you can access apps on your PC or Mac with just a few clicks.

The Guarding Expert for PC and the Guarding Expert for Mac app can be downloaded to your PC, Mac or laptop using the Android BlueStacks emulator. This DIY app allows you to remotely monitor your home via a real-time live stream with a DVR or security cameraand over wireless networks from any Android or IOS platform based device. The app will record your video and picture files and they will be stored where you can manage them remotely and however you want.

What are the main functions of the Guarding Expert app for PC and Mac?

The Guarding Expert app makes live monitoring at home easy and efficient. Features are:
• Live streaming of your security cameras and surveillance devices in real time
• Up to four channels can be monitored simultaneously via the app
• Press the zoom enlargement / reduction mode
• Manage your saved video and picture files remotely
• Remotely adjust camera settings, including brightness and calibration
• Swipe for camera movement and PTZ control of the camera
• Up to 256 devices can be managed simultaneously via the app
• Various device profiles can be changed and managed via a download

How do I download the Guarding Expert app for PC and Mac?

Start with the BlueStacks Android Emulator. You start by downloading the BlueStacks emulatorthat you need before you can download the Guarding Expert app for Windows or Mac.

Click the download link above, then click the Run prompt to install the emulator’s EXE file. Accept the license agreement and wait for the BlueStacks emulator installation to finish.

Guarding Expert App for PC Download

After the emulator is installed, you can sync the software with your Google account and use the emulator to download not only the Guarding Expert app, but most of the apps that can be found on the Android mobile platform.

Download the Guarding Expert App for PC (Windows & Mac).

• Open the BlueStacks emulator and go to the Play Store
• Find the Guarding Expert application
• Click on Download and start the installation of the Guarding Expert App (the download times may vary depending on the internet speed).
• When the download is complete, find the app icon and click on it
• Complete the Guarding Expert app installation and connect it to your network or wireless home cameras or other surveillance devices

Guarding Expert offers a free and easy to use payment option Live home security monitoring and can be accessed around the clock via the app. Although it is software designed to be used through a mobile device, you can download and access the app through your PC or Mac using the emulator method highlighted above. This further expands your visibility to view your home cameras remotely and on any accessible device.

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