CM Swipe Booster for PC and Mac – Windows 7/8/10 – Free Download [Download]

cm-swipe-booster-for-pc-and-mac-windows-7810-free-downloadCM Swipe (Launcher & Booster) for PC is a small customization utility that changes the way you interact with your Android homescreen. Instead of changing the splash screen as a whole, the app only activates when you interact with certain parts of the screen.

Slide your finger diagonally on one of the lower edges of the display to reveal the launcher. The app creates a visual effect that feels like you are lifting the background image as a sheet.

Revealed in space CM Swipe (Launcher & Booster) shows various shortcuts to applications and other functions. Each page represents a category such as “Favorites”, “Recently Used” and “Toolbox”. As with most launchers, you can move / delete shortcuts by pressing your finger on the option you want.

In the settings menu, CM Swipe (Launcher & Booster) offers various interesting options, e.g. B. an additional theme called “Galaxy”, which changes the appearance of the launcher significantly. You can also change the size of the interaction area under “Position of the active area” and activate the custom notifications under “Enable notifications”.

Run CM Swipe Launcher with on your PC BlueStacks.

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