CloudCal: Calendar & Organizer for PC and Mac – Windows 7, 8, 10 – Free Download [Download]

CloudCal Calendar & Organizer for PC Mac Free DownloadOrganizing your routine isn’t always easy, is it? CloudCal: Calendar & Organizer for PC appears to be a sufficiently robust and complete option to stay in line with their responsibilities – whatever they may be. The idea is to use the application to increase productivity and not just let simple tasks perform.

In order to further develop this concept, the app invests in a beautiful, clean and, above all, fast user interface. At first, someone who is not used to type programs may get lost navigating, but it only takes a few minutes to switch between the tabs of the month, day, and pre-scheduled events and become something very intuitive.

Some shortcuts, including this process, are simple enough, such as using the volume up and down buttons to scroll the calendar up or down. The fact that the software is entirely in Portuguese and automatically syncs with scheduled content in your Google account makes it even more convenient.

Control your life

To add a calendar entry, simply select the date you want and touch the “+” icon and a new window will appear with a large number of fields to fill in. You can use it to choose the exact time period during which the engagement should be the day, specify whether it should take place on a routine basis, set up a reminder, invite more people among your contacts and even set a specific color for the task.

By the way, distributing different keys for each job is very important, especially if you want to be guided by the Magic Circles. Because the resource visually shows the free or busy time, the color separation allows the user to quickly review the basics of your schedule – even if you are in the middle of a meeting or other activity.

For those who have a busy life full of responsibilities, there is a side menu where you can see a rolling list of just actions already taken and manage various email accounts. For example, you can share personal and professional practices. If I wanted to play around with features like Waze and Google Maps integration and tools for attaching pictures and sound messages to the address book, just unlock the Pro version of the app for $ 4.99.

Free download: CloudCal: Calendar & Organizer for PC

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