Clockwork Tomato for PC and Mac – Windows 7/8/10 – Free Download [Download]

Clockwork-Tomato-for-PC-and-Mac-Windows-7810-free downloadClockwork Tomato is an app for you who want to manage your time better, be it studying, working or performing certain tasks that require concentration.

The application uses the Pomodoro technique – a time management method developed in the 80s, in which you work in blocks of 25 minutes without interruption and only concentrate on one task.

Each time slice is called Pomodoro and a five-minute break is required at the end of 25 minutes. All four Pomodori (plural of Pomodoro) have to take longer breaks of 30 minutes. The aim of this study and work technique is to increase concentration and productivity, reduce interruptions, relieve anxiety, and clearly show how long you are delaying on each task.

It’s time to get down to business

If you know how this system works (which is not explained in the app), you can use the Clockwork Tomato. He offers a timer that can be adjusted so you don’t have to worry about the time after the game as the software warns you of the time you need to take a break every 25 minutes and study or work again.

The idea of ​​the application is that you don’t worry about the weather, just focus on the task being performed and set the intervals at the right time – all within the Pomodoro technique. Also, to be a timer, the Clockwork Tomato is a clock, and an activity record can be used as a widget to make the menus easier to integrate without having to access the application that is actually using it.

The timer is located in the middle of the app, just like a clock, but without the numbers in front of the hands, as the time is not supposed to be displayed here. When you touch the play button, the 25-minute blocks will automatically start and stop, which will start the five-minute pauses. You can customize how many blocks of Pomodoro you want to configure and change different aspects like colors, styles, sizes and shapes.

In order to run the Clockwork Tomato app on your PC, you need to install it BlueStacks software.

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