ClevCalc Calculator for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac – Free Download [Download]

Clevcalc-Calculator-for-PC-Windows-7-8-10-and-Mac-free downloadThe ClevCalc application enables the user to perform all types of Calculations and calculations with its wide range of options. The application offers various calculators ranging from unit conversions to calculating the product price after discount. All of these operations can be performed through a single user interface, making the convenience easy and the functionality easy to understand.

Download ClevCalc for PC

Although ClevCalc can be used from phones, we will focus on the PC version of ClevCalc. ClevCalc has a number of versions, so it is important to determine the appropriate version that the machine supports. The current version of the ClevCalc application is 2.14.6, which is reported to have fewer bugs and software patches than its previous counterparts.

ClevCalc for Windows

Before you can download ClevCalc on your Windows PC, you must download BlueStacks. The reason for this is that ClevCalc requires a preset of an Android environment. Like different Android emulators NOX player, AMIDuOSetc. are available, but BlueStacks is preferred for practical reasons.

BlueStacks can be defined as a virtual platform for Run the applications supported by Android on your Windows PC. BlueStacks creates an Android interface so that your PC can run the applications that were originally intended to run on an Android platform. The steps to download and install ClevCalc for PC are given below.


The first step for Download from BlueStacks is to navigate to their website and use the standard download option. The server can initiate with the download option
the download process for your client computer.

After reviewing the terms and agreements, click Next and start installing BlueStacks on your Windows computer. It is better to give the installer access to the app store. You may encounter difficulties installing in Windows 10. In this case, you need to disable Hyper V.

Once the installer has run, you need to decide to save the BlueStacks
Application in the right place on your hard drive. When the installation is complete, click the Finish button to open BlueStacks.

If the “Finish” button doesn’t open BlueStacks automatically, open the “Start” button on your desktop BlueStacks application player.

The next and most important step in the entire installation process is setting up an account with BlueStacks for Windows. You can switch to Google with this account
Playstore page where you need to search for and select ClevCalc ClevCalc for
Windows Possibility.

Alternative approach

As an alternative to installing ClevCalc, you can select the BlueStacks Android emulator APK file to install the app.

ClevCalc for MAC

The installation process for ClevCalc in your MAC OS follow the same steps that were entered previously. BlueStacks is essential for installing ClevCalc as it enables the simulation of the Android environment.

Installation problems

You may encounter problems opening BlueStacks on your PC. There are times when BlueStacks does not open. In order to proceed with the installation there are a few steps to take.

Uninstall your BlueStacks and reinstall them from the exe file. If an error occurs during installation, it means that the graphics card cannot support BlueStacks on your computer.

If so, you will need to enable the High Performance tab on your computer
Graphic card. This is done by opening the command interface run system and
Enter dxdiag and select the option for the highest graphics performance.

The installation will then be completed successfully.

Our team hopes you have received a clear tutorial on installing ClevCalc for Windows or MAC.

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