BYJU’S App Review – How To Install & Run On The Computer [Download]

byjus-app-review2020 brought so many apps to light. Most of these apps encourage the use of apps and different software to increase the number of virtual meetups. For example, the education industry faced major challenges like never before. After the pandemic, schools were closed, forcing students and teachers to do their learning business virtually.

Students get the education they need from online platforms, apps being one of the platforms. Speaking of apps, BYJU’S is one of the educational apps that emerged during these difficult times. Below is an overview of the BYJU education app and everything you need to know about it.

BYJU Education App

BYJU is the largest learning app for high school students with over 42 million registered users. The app is designed to teach math and science to 4th and 12th grade students. The app features India’s leading teachers, including CEO and founder of BYJU app Byju Raveendran.

byjus app functions

The platform has more than 100 RDD teams making sure that proper visualization is taking place while learning using the latest technology. The app also ensures that their students fully understand what they are being taught by personalizing a student’s learning skills. In addition, the platform can be used free of charge. All you have to do is identify the class you want to join and book a free class for it.

The app is also designed to encourage students to fall more and more in love with learning. Students too.

What does the BYJU app cost?

The app itself is free, but the lessons will cost you some money. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll get a free 15-day trial that you’ll have to pay for your courses after you’ve finished the app. In 2020, Baiju made its subscription free for everyone, increasing the number of registered students.

Why should you choose the BAIJU learning app?

One cannot ignore the other apps that are available on the internet today. Most of these learning promises promise the same thing that BAIJU’s learning promises in terms of a good education. Why should you choose learning BAIJU over the other apps available? Below are some of the features many students prefer and why most students prefer BAIJU’s learning app.

Learning in school

BAIJU’s professional research and development team creates personalized study trips for students to understand exactly what they are learning. The team also designs videos for their students’ further learning. A student is also given practice tests after each chapter to test the student’s learning.

According to the student’s personalized tests and individual learning paths, the Baiju app performs an in-depth analysis and transmits it to the student. The student can then read for analysis and plan their future studies in advance.

The app offers practice and revision sessions to help students perfect their understanding.

The latest updates from BAIJU

BAIJU’s free live courses are perfect proof that the app is determined to help students continue their studies. BAIJU’s best teachers offer classes from 4th to 12th grade. Students are allowed to choose and attend the live courses offered by BAIJU.

The other latest update is the Knowledge Chart, which provides extensive knowledge on the subject the student is learning. There is also the practice feature which is also the latest update from BAIJU.

BAIJU’S Education App for PC

Most of the apps work on smartphones and it is impossible to download the app on PC. What if you want to use the app on a bigger screen? Now that the app doesn’t have a laptop version, that doesn’t mean it’s completely impossible to learn from the app on your laptop.

To install a smartphone app on your PC, you need an emulator to download it. With the Nox Android emulator, you can download the BAIJU app from the Google Play Store. All you have to do is download the emulator on your PC and log into Google with your credentials.

After signing into your Google account, go to the Google Play Store and search for the BAIJU app. After you find it, click Install and the app will be installed on your computer. You need to open the emulator if you want to use the BAIJU’S app.



BAIJU is the perfect learning app, especially for people who live in India. The app offers all the functions that every student would like to use while studying. Also, parents can use this app to continue homeschooling their kids. Using a laptop would be better than using a phone because of the larger screen. You can use the method described above to download and install the BAIJU’S app for PC.

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