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bestgram-app-for-pc-mac-windowsIn a world where some communication is via a cellular phone, a messaging application has become a necessity. Sure there are numerous messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Hike;; They too have their limits.

That is why today we are introducing you to a refreshing and new application that will improve your messaging experience to an amazing degree. Today we’re going to talk about Bestgram, a messaging application that uses the same API as that of Telegram app.

While still unofficial. It meets the needs of a reliable messaging app that can replace your usual messaging application.

What is Bestgram?

As mentioned earlier, Bestgram is an application that may replace your permanent messaging application. Since Bestgram uses Telegram’s API, you will find many similarities between these two with some additional benefits. In addition to messaging, you can also connect to Telegram servers to gain access to various services.

What’s so great about Bestgram?

Messaging is a key feature of Bestgram, as you would expect from a messaging application. It includes additional features that you may not find in your normal messaging applications. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Bestgram app functions

√ Hide your private chats

There has to be some confidential matters that you may want to keep absolutely secret. For this purpose, you can use a function for hidden chats offered by Bestgram, with which you can hide certain chats. The chat is hidden on the main page so that someone opening the application cannot find it.

√ Choose your own theme and font

In Bestgram there is a lot of room for stylization and personalization. This application offers different themes and fonts that can be changed as you like.

√ Customize chats

The application allows you to sort different types of chats in different tabs. While using Bestgram which shows different tabs you will find different icons at the top of the screen. If you click on any of these tabs, you can access chats in that particular group. This is a very handy feature that lets you quickly find messages of interest.

√ Profile name designer

A feature built into Bestgram allows you to stylize your profile name by adding some designs available in the app.

√ Id Finder

With this function you can find different people based on their Bestgram username.

√ Find the first message

If you don’t like scrolling all the way to the top to find the first message, this feature will be for you. With the first message, you can find the first message directly in the group chat with just one click.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Bestgram app


  • It has an amazing user interface.
  • It offers different tabs to distinguish between chats.
  • It comes with turbo mode for a better experience.
  • You can choose from a wide variety of chat group themes and backgrounds.


  • It is not available in the playstore.

Installation on the PC

Bestgram was developed for mobile phones, but does not prevent its use on the PC. Since most of the popular messaging apps can now be used with the phone on the PC, Bestgram is no exception. Let’s see how to install Bestgram on the PC.

1. Bestgram is not directly available for the PC. To use it on PC, you need to download an Android emulator. Nox App Player is recommended for that matter. To download it, click here.

2. It may take some time for an emulator to download depending on your internet speed. Wait for it to finish.

3. Once downloaded, open the Nox emulator installation file from a location where you downloaded it. Publish this and click the Install Now option.

4. This will start the installation of the actual software. It will take some time.

5. To install the application you need your apk as it is not available in the playstore. You can download the apk from any of the websites by searching for bestgram in your web browser.

Installation of bestgram-on-pc-windows-mac

6. You can drag and drop the apk file to the main screen or click the apk tab and select the apk to run it. Then you can run Bestgram via the emulator.


1. Is it available in the Playstore?

The application is currently not available on the Playstore as it is unofficial.

2. How many and what tabs are available in the application?

There are a total of 9 tabs, namely Users, Groups, Supergroups, Channels, Bots and a few more.

3. Is it possible to use this application like Telegram?

Yes, in fact this application uses the same API as Telegram’s, so we can say that their Telegram has additional features.

4. Is there a call service available in the application?

Yes, the app has a built-in call service.

5. Is it safe to use?

It’s more secure than a messaging application like WhatsApp. Bestgram uses MTProtoProtocol, which means that the risk of losing your data in the application is largely eliminated.

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