B612 Online for PC (Windows 7/8/10/Mac) – Free Download [Download]

B612-Selfie-App-for-PC-Windows-Mac-DownloadB612 for PC is an application that focuses on “perfect selfies” and is very successful. It offers various options for iOS or Android, Windows Phone users who want to be more creative with pictures and self-portraits. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use five interesting functions that are β€œhidden” in the Selfies app. Check.


On the first screen of the B612, you can touch the center icon to use a random image mode. That means you don’t choose the format, you don’t choose the filter. He makes his selection at random. Pressing it several times changes the selection.


When you touch the icon on the left side of the main menu, you go to the screen assemblies and you can choose how many selfies to use in what format to make collages that are easy to customize and pictures like a photo booth. The result can be pretty interesting.


The timer is a very interesting feature of the B612 that can go unnoticed. It’s on the mounts menu, a clock to the left. Touch it to turn. There are two options: 2 seconds or 5 seconds to shoot.

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