AvaCam Photo Avatar Creator for PC and Mac – Windows 7, 8, 10 – Free Download [Download]

Avacam-Online-Avatar-Maker-for-PC-Windows-and-Mac-free downloadAvaCam is an interesting application for photos, but it could be a lot better. He has the right tools, but a really bad interface and a structural problem: all avatars are generated in black and white.

It would be very interesting to see the colorful characters, for example with hair of different colors and more elaborate scenarios. In this case, it would be one of the best avatar creation programs for the Play Store, but it doesn’t. The process is interesting, but the end result leaves something to be desired.

Aside from the simple visual appearance and the precarious rendering of the avatar, the user interface is also a major issue. AvaCam appears to have been created when the Store Play came into being without being updated at any point. Her look is old-fashioned, full of misaligned buttons, with lots of ads, and a general disorganization that ranks.

IE: The idea of ​​making avatars that are fun and full of elements is interesting and the designs are well done. The hair, for example, fits all formats well and it is not difficult to get an image that looks great with AvaCam models. However, this is the only good feature of the application as the rest is full of bugs and bugs.

Is it worth?

AvaCam is an app that got a good idea but failed to run. If you don’t mind getting an end result with no colors it might be a good idea to download it, but the entire experience is pretty frustrating, especially when the potential of this editor is taken into account.

Free download: AvaCam Photo Avatar Creator for Windows and Mac

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