ANT Launcher for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download [Download]

ANT Launcher for PC DownloadANT Launcher is a new interface for Android that changes the look of the operating system.

It gives priority to the applications you have installed on your computer. The main screen shows an elegant clock and eight shortcuts to apps. If you slide aside, you’ll see more apps in an order that you can determine.

The dock is permanent and appears on any pages you view on the home screen. ANT Launcher does not have any advanced settings, but it does offer folders to better organize its content and it can add widgets to the home page.

The symbol package displayed follows the line of the newer versions of the operating system and ensures a very modern version. The background image is fixed and the application continues to provide the ANTBoost service, which can be used to kill background processes in order to optimize the computer’s RAM performance. The ANT Launcher app works on Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 and Mac OS X.

Free download: ANT Launcher for PC

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