AnonyTun For PC (Windows & MAC) Free Download [Download]

anony-doing-pc-windows-mac-free-downloadThe Internet, like the street, is not safe to roam freely. There are areas where the residents are very territorial, either because you feel unwelcome to your stay with restrictions or because you are completely blocked.

Sometimes it is you who have to be careful, like you Proxy address may be a victim of hackers lurking on a website or hosting company under which it is registered. As with all bad things, there is an opportunity in it.

AnonyTun is the regulator of Virtual private networks dedicated to free movement on the net. The developers of this smart and practical app are a dominant force in VPN applications. They are a company called Art Of Tunnel and you should definitely check out their application tool.

How does AnonyTun work?

You can almost sense that the normally restrictive network is giving you access to their domains. The AnonyTun is known for giving you unrestricted access to the restricted websites that you want to surf. This is just a matter that AnonyTun handles really well. This gives you the luxury of moving freely and undetected even to government blocked websites with just one simple app.

Is the AnonyTun app safe?

Yes, the AnonyTun app is data protection. People these days use smartphones for everything from interacting with social media to online banking. Most of the time, you are in need of protection online.

There are many cyber attacks out there that threaten your security. AnonyTun takes your privacy very seriously. Make sure that your proxy address goes unnoticed so that you are not vulnerable to hackers who leave internet surfers into nightmares or even steal valuable information.

Is it user friendly?

To say user friendly is old, but the ease of accessing the internet with this app is amazing. You can just press the connect button on the app interface and enjoy.

What is included in the AnonyTun app?

AnonyTun uses its own server addresses instead of yours when using this app. This prevents you from being recognized by the website that is restricting you. Your address remains anonymous through the tunnel. Here are the types of tunnel modes.

  • SSL tunnel
  • HTTP tunnel
  • TCP tunnel

Who can benefit from the Anonytun app?

This applies to both users who want to only access the websites they like and those who are more experienced and looking for a platform where they can improve their skills from the comfort of their phone.

You can test your IT skills in stealth mode. You get a more practical approach to your app. Change the proxy, port, protocol, and other connection settings that allow you to fly under the radar. Change between the tunnel modes of your choice.

How much does it cost

That freedom to surf extends up to the cost of this app. It can also be downloaded for free from the App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android and for the PC with the BlueStacks emulator.

Download AnonyTun for PC using BlueStacks Emulator

There are those of us who want to surf the internet on a bigger screen AnonyTun for PC. The availability of the application on Google Play only limits us to the Android mobile option, which excludes owners of laptops and PCs from the benefits. Don’t despair, the staff at BlueStacks have developed a tool that will allow you to convert your Android application to PC friendly software through their useful emulator.


Download the Anonytun app for PC with the BlueStacks Android emulator

1. Download the BlueStacks Android Emulator

You should download the BlueStacks software from this one http://bluestacks.comThis is important so that you can download AnonyTun for PC. It works as a tool that allows you to download the AnonyTun application for Windows and AnonyTun for Mac.

2. Download the Anonytun application from Google Play

Once that’s done, you can use BlueStacks’ Google Play Store to find, download, and install the AnonyTun application on your PC.


The benefits you get on mobile are good, but you can get a lot more speed and storage on the PC to make working with applications and software easier. You can Download the AnonyTun for the PC free of charge. It works without registration. I have it? Now let the surfing begin.

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