Alfred Security Camera for PC (Windows & Mac) [Download]


Nowadays, people are busy with their jobs and need assistance with surveillance and security at home, or people who travel frequently need more eyes to see their property or important things at home. Hence, people install video surveillance in their home to monitor the babies / babysitters, pets and old people in the house. Due to the price and maintenance, not everyone can afford a CCTV installation. So here is the best solution for you – Alfred Camera App.

Alfred surveillance camera app:

The Alfred Camera App is a free home security app for monitoring and recording the information. It’s so easy to use and install. All we need to secure our house is an old smartphone or tablet that supports Android.
Place the phone / tablet on the wall for good visibility, covering the entire room / place where we need more attention.

What is unique about Alfred?

Here are some reasons why you should choose the Alfred Security Camera App.
• Easy to use applications and you don’t need a tutorial to download or install the app.
• Alfred supports multiple webcams and viewers.
• Alfred is quick. It establishes a connection to the secure location within seconds with the highest level of interactivity and minimal latency.
• It is one of the perception apps. It offers functions for the detection of free movements. You will also receive picture messages from the app freely when motion is detected near you. You will be directed to real-time monitoring of the action location that was detected when you clicked the message.
• An interactive conversation that talks to your pets or sings with your baby with the help of the future.
• Alfred helps minimize the start time. Even with the slowest cellular connection, you can see the location within seconds. So Alfred can be reached around the clock.
• Alfred adjusts the quality of the video based on users’ network speeds so you can count on lag-free streaming and more explicit images.

Installation for PC and Mac:

• It is very easy and straightforward to install the Alfred Camera App on the PC. First, open the web viewer in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, sign in with the same Gmail account, and monitor your surveillance.
• This app only supports the Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems.
• The motion detection function does not work when you are watching live video.
• It automatically records the video clips for all movements.

Installation for cell phones:

• Open the Play Store on your old phone and search for Alfred video surveillance camera.
Click the Install option, sign in with your Google account, and put the phone in a surveillance location.

Using the Alfred Security Camera App:

This app is used for monitoring data, behavior, activities, managing, changing the information to influence, protect, guide, etc. people, it can be used anywhere with clear observation. For this, people need an internet connection. No cable connections, no contracts and no free download from the Play Store are required for this Alfred Camera App.

This app can also be used for crime prevention and investigation, protecting a system or source, person, group or object, and gathering information. Not only positive but also negative, such as anti-social activities, criminal organizations to plan and commission crimes such as kidnapping, robbery, extortion, also for companies to gather information, and private investigators such as detectives. This private or personal security camera notifies you instantly when a camera phone clicks due to movement. People can easily identify, hear and interact with their humans and pets in real time through this app.


Alfred supports an unlimited number of camera and viewer devices as long as users log in with the same Google accounts. If you allow an unauthorized clip, this app will give them motion detection videos when they are not monitored. There are instant notifications. Since mobile devices are more agile than IP cameras, users can easily use tape to place mobile devices anywhere in the house or on any wall covering the entire room.

With this Alfred Security Camera App, people can protect their home by monitoring the activities. So that they can work happily and concentrate on other work. Install the free download app and make your home safer in smarter ways.

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