360eyes for PC – Free Download for Windows and Mac [Download]

360eyes-pc-free-download-windows-macEvery business needs to make sure they have tight security cameras in place to monitor everything that is happening every second. Surveillance cameras play an important role in increasing security concerns, and every business has them in every corner of the building. Managing the security camera can be hectic. With a simple, stunning, productive and intuitive application like 360eyes, you can easily manage and control how your IP cameras work.

An overflow of 360 eyes

Tip Developers at SZHDIPC developed the 360eyes to manage surveillance camera videos remotely. It’s free to use an application that optimizes every captured moment live on your PC. It’s the perfect tool for spying on your employees and keeping an eye on your company’s events while you relax.

How does the 360eyes app work?

With many things going on, the start of your espionage journey can be hectic if your employees know you are constantly checking them out. However, the 360eyes app keeps you safe and private by connecting the camera to the app and viewing live video from all over the world.

360eye-app-apk-screenshotsIn addition, the 360eye records the videos for future viewing directly from the app, so that in the event of a dispute there is easy evidence. It also has a notification and warning system that notifies you of any suspicious activity on your video surveillance. It supports bidirectional communication and takes screenshots so you get a perfect app for managing your business And the good news is that multiple cameras are efficiently managed at the same time, so you can quickly monitor your various activities regardless of location. With the 360eyes app you can watch the videos from any angle.

Steps to Download 360eyes (Windows and Mac)

• Download emulators and either install them with BlueStacks or Nox App Player.
• After installing the emulator, sign in to your Google account for easy access to the Play Store.
• In the emulator, find the Play Store app and open it.

360eyes-App-for-PC-Nox-App-Player• After opening the Play Store, search for the 360eyes app.
• Select the app, download it and install it on your PC.
• After the installation, enter your device name, the IP address of your camera and the port name to configure the app.
• Click the app to enjoy it on your PC.

Properties of 360eyes

• Take a snapshot in a 24-degree direction
• Cloud storage option
• Night vision
• Motion detection

Advantages of 360eyes

• You can easily connect it via WiFi
• It supports remote control and local control
• Support protocols such as TF card storage, IP address
• You can easily set it up by downloading it to your PC

Cons of 360eyes

• You can only manage it if you have an internet connection


Continuous monitoring of your business gives you peace of mind and with 360eyes you can manage all the cameras at your fingertips. With the ability to view live video, you have all the information about what is happening in your absence or presence.

In addition, the security features of this app ensure that only the registered person can use it, thus protecting your security from hackers. Install the 360eyes to monitor and manage your camera anytime, anywhere.

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