3 Useful Ways to Share Files From One Computer to Another [Download]

Share-files-with-MX-Sharekaro-AppThere are many reasons why you might want to move your files from one computer to another. One reason is that you may have bought a new laptop and need to transfer files from one computer to another.

You may also want to transfer your software or apps that you have installed on your computer. Sometimes the files are too large to use common methods such as: B. Using a USB drive and copying the files. The hard part comes when you need to find the best way to transfer your files.

Below are three effective methods that you can use while transferring the files.

1. Transfer files via email

This method is very simple and works in minutes. You find the files that you want to share, right click them and click Share. Your contact list will appear above the Share button and you can choose from the contacts you want to use. If you can’t find the contacts you need, you can click Find more people to find the people you want to share the files with.

Once you’ve finished choosing who to share with, you can edit the message and click Send, or send it directly without editing the message part. If you’ve never used email before, you can allow Microsoft to send the email on your behalf.

Now that you’ve emailed the files, you can open an email from the other computer and download the files to the other computer. This method is perfect, especially when the computers are not in the same area or network. However, it can be difficult or slow to transfer larger files on the two computers.

2. Transfer files via the cloud

The cloud is another efficient way to transfer files from one computer to another. This affects two computers that support each cloud platform like Google Drive, A ride, Dropbox, and other. Make sure you are using the same platform to effectively share files.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that a cloud platform is already open on both computers. Next, you need to choose the files that you want to transfer and share them with the other computer using the cloud platform you are using. For example, you can use Google Drive to create a folder and drag and drop the files you want to transfer. Next, you will get a link and open it with the other computer.

Alternatively, you can share it with your email contact list. After sharing, you can now open the folder on the other computer. However, if you created a link instead, you can now open the link on the other computer and download the files.

3. Using the MX Share Karo app for PC

If any of the above methods doesn’t suit you, don’t worry, you can also download an app and use it to share the files. MX Share App is an Android application that allows users to transfer files from one device to another. You can use this app to share different types of files including videos and music files.

It’s a free Indian app, but that doesn’t mean you will be bombarded with ads. It’s a completely ad-free app. Why should you choose this file sharing app when there are so many apps out there?

• Allows files to be transferred at flash speed. Transferring files with the MX-Share app is very quick. It offers speeds of up to 20 MB / s.

• No commercial breaks when transferring apps. No ad pop-ups appear while the files are being transferred, so no interruptions are caused.

• Receive or send contacts, photos, videos, documents, etc. and transfer as many files in various forms as you want.

• Wireless, no data connection, no internet. You don’t need to be connected to the internet to transfer files.

• Send and receive large files. You can send files that are too large to be transferred using the USB drive method.

• Does not affect the quality. Some apps may affect the quality of the files, but MX sharing won’t.

• Easy to use.

How do I use the MX Share Karo app on my laptop?

As mentioned earlier, this app is an Android application, meaning there is no Windows or Mac version. How do I get the MX Share Karo app for Windows? Since you can’t download it directly from the Google Play Store, you can download the app with an emulator and use it on your PC.

The most reliable emulator on the market right now is BlueStacks. All you need to do is download the emulator onto your app, search for the MX Share Karo app on Google Play, and hit Install to download the app to your PC.


To share files, you need to download the app on the other laptop and open the app to receive files from another laptop. This means that if you want to transfer files from one computer to the other, you’ll need to download the app on both laptops.


There are many ways to transfer files from one computer to another. However, one method may not work for you and so you need to find the best method. You also need to make sure that your files are not adversely affected after the transfer. You also need to know if the method you are trying to use is fast or very slow.

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